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Château Camplazens

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Passionate about the terroir of the Aude, the Close family has taken on the mission of developing the potential of Camplazens to best express the flavors and aromas of this microclimate...

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(11) Aude

With a passion for the terroir of the Aude, the Close family has made it their mission to develop the potential of Camplazens to best express the flavors and aromas of this very special microclimate. Located on the site of a Roman settlement, the estate's environment has been protected since 1965. Benefiting from a lot of sunshine, the Close family offers us wines made with respect for the environment by working without pesticides or herbicides.

Our story

In love with La Clape, this great Mediterranean terroir, rich in limestone soils and scrubland, we took over the management of this estate several years ago, with the objective of getting the best out of our vines while respecting the environment and biodiversity that surrounds us.
We work without pesticides or herbicides, we are among the pioneers to have launched sexual confusion in the South of France, and we work in full awareness of the richness of our terroir.

Châteu Camplazens is located on the highest plateau of the Clape in the Aude, between Armissan, Narbonne and Narbonne Plage in the heart of the Narbonnaise Regional Natural Park. This ancient Roman island is recognized as the largest classified natural site in the Languedoc (Natura 2000). The appellation has retained the raw, wild and moving beauty of its island origins. The vine has blossomed there as a queen, she who loves the sun and the light.

Our vineyard, whipped by the tramontane, draws its singularity from a cracked limestone soil which, combined with a maritime Mediterranean climate, has favored the maintenance of a great biodiversity (garrigue) and brings to our Mediterranean wines a lot of freshness, minerality and race.

Other little stories

Namely, we are voluntarily not going towards the Organic Label, because the cultural constraints are such, that we would expose ourselves to lose 10/15% of our yields, which are already very low, because of repeated years of drought since the 2015 vintage.
Indeed, the 13 different winds sweeping the highlands of La Clape, would not allow us to work our vines as we would like if we passed this label.
On the other hand, we are part of the pioneers in terms of HVE3, and are above all attached to the respect of the richness of our biodiversity, and of our environment.

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Haute Valeur Environnementale
Château Camplazens
 8 reviews
2021, Languedoc - Coteaux de Narbonne
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