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Valérie & Sylvère COQUEREAU

Château de Chastelet

Our estate offers us a bucolic landscape, a true haven of peace. Consisting of 7 hectares of clay and iron, its hillside location means that our vines face the sun. We are made from traditional Bordeaux grape varieties and other less conventional ones such as Malbec and Petit Verdot. Our oldest vines are fifty years old and we take care of them like treasures.

Anecdotes about the domain

For us, being a winegrower means every day, observing, discovering, learning, trying and trying again; it also means acting progressively with absolute respect for this fabulous nature, these steep slopes, these deeply rooted vines, considering ourselves very small but working hard to magnify them to give them back all this balance, this finesse, the expression of a unique terroir!The wine that resembles me the most comes from the late harvests among the most remote of the appellation... "Waiting for the vine, the soil, the subsoil, the time to give us all that they want to offer us".
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The domain's short story

Chastelet is the authentic story of the concretization of a passion, of a dream of return to the real, to nature and to the values of respect. At the beginning, the passion for wine, total, idealized since an impromptu stop in the vineyard of Saint Emilion while going on vacation with friends at the age of 18.Then one day, at the chance of a contact in 2004 to change residence, I fall on a real estate agent who let me believe that the wine for an "ignorant" by dint of passion, time and energy ... it is possible! Two years spent to skim the intermediaries in any kind, visit, revisit, hesitate, refuse, get discouraged, start again, doubt ... to fall in an unexpected way a morning of November 2006 on a small property to the abandonment at the gates of Bordeaux and there the Dream ...

The winemaker's pride

Our estate offers us a bucolic landscape, a true haven of peace. Our oldest vines are 50 years old and we take care of them like treasures: they produce the nectar of Chastelet in the vintage "Les Cinquantenaires" and represent three quarters of the surface.
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Pictures of the domain

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