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Chateau des Moriers

On a granite floor, a magnificent view of the Windmill.

It is at Château de Moriers that Gilles developed a new way of ageing "Moulin à vent" wines that gives them a unique appearance and taste. This appellation is known as the oldest....

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(69) Rhône

Chateau des Moriers is a very pretty estate in the north of Beaujolais, on the Fleurie and Moulin-à-vent vintages. The house is planted at the foot of a hillside where our very old vines (+65 years old) live. The soil is poor and pink, mainly granite. It gives structured and fresh wines that can be kept.

Our story

It was my great-great-grandfather who bought the property, where I spent my most beautiful vacation with my grandparents. The fruity and flowery garden overlooks the vineyards, the windmill and a little further on the Mont Blanc. It is a paradise for visitors and for our wines, Fleurie and Moulin-à-vent, which are served on every occasion.

Other little stories

To be a winegrower is to live for your land as much as for your land. Fortunately, it's also a job of traveling and meeting people, and I like it! Gilles, my father, became the winegrower of the château in 2006. He shares the property with his brother Michel. He is also the one who sells in Paris while I travel with Les Vins de Vicky. What do I like best? The euphoria of the harvest. At this time of year the sunrise is magnificent, you can see the Mont Blanc in Chinese shadows. At 9am, it is a snack with a glass of wine and strong cheese and then a little later in the day I can bite into a bunch heated by the sun.

I have always dreamed of taking a nap between two rows during the harvest. At the estate, gamay's feet are small, which does not help the back of the pickers. The slope makes it difficult for the tractor to work. In the cellar, the nectar from the Moulin-à-vent plots is matured in 400-litre barrels and drinks the wines gently. On the Flowered one privileges the purity of the fruit. The maturing, if it exists, is completely integrated and helps the wine to breathe.

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