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Château Meric

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Unlimited musical inspiration in a wine

If you want to set the mood on your table, choose the wines of Marius Chala that go boom boom boom when you open them! Not surprising when the winemaker is a former music star...

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(33) Gironde

If you want to set the mood on your table, choose the wines of Marius Chala that go boom boom boom when you open them! Not surprising when the winemaker is a former techno music star! In 1999 Marius put away the turntables and took over with the same enthusiasm the family estate in the Médoc, where he benefits from a well exposed terroir and a favorable microclimate between the Gironde estuary and the ocean. He cultivates exclusively noble grape varieties on gravel which favor the elaboration of wines full of finesse and with a good aptitude for aging.

Our story

Located in the north of the Medoc, Château Méric is situated on the tip of the Graves. The particularity of this terroir was that the communes formed 3 islands before the marshes were drained. The result: a filtering soil with a well exposed and sunny terroir that is even called the "Bordeaux Camarague". The vines flourish here without any water or thermal stress since they are well anchored and can seek water far away in the water table. Here, the Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petit Verdot grape varieties express themselves, but not only! With this climate, a whole ecosystem has been established. Those who are nicknamed "Méric's neighbors" are all the fauna that is present on the estate: frogs, deer, roe deer, foxes... They accompany us especially during our harvest that we do late for more roundness...

The history of the estate goes back to the year 1100 when the Chevalier Méric buried his armor under an oak tree on the family estate for having kept his promise to return alive from the crusades. His family will exploit during several generations what was the biggest domain of the Medoc. The château was named cru bourgeois in 1868. After a musical career, I took over the estate in 1999. I reclassified, planted and harvested 15 hectares. As the son of farmers from the Monts du Lyonnais, this reconversion was an obvious choice. There is a connivance between me and the world of wine since always. Making wine is the continuation of my creativity. Just like music, you have to know how to compile the pieces - in this case the grape varieties - in search of the perfect harmony.

Other little stories

For me, being a winegrower is a love of the land, of the terroir and sublimating the quintessence of what nature gives us. I don't make standard wine. Besides, I don't make the same blends according to what a vintage offers us. My greatest pride is to keep our status as a cru bourgeois every year since 2008. The Cuvée du Plantier is one of my favourite vintages. It's the name of a plot I've been looking for for 3 or 4 years, my rare pearl. As a winegrower, I carry out style exercises just as I did when I was a musician, and one of my favourite wines is our rosé, which I call "meric juice" because it is a reflection of our terroir. I have two gurus: Silver, a surfer and character from the comic strip "Marvel" because he is cosmic and more powerful than the Earth superheroes. The second is Jimmy Hendrix, but no need to describe a legend, is it not? my oldest memory related to wine is with my grandfather who served me the village girl, a cooking wine. But I quickly regained control with my first real good glass of wine at the age of 21, a white horse that I had simply served with cheese and pepper. One word comes to mind: Excellency. The Nord-Médoc is not well known because it is far from everything but it is wildly beautiful!

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