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Domaine Guy Farge

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Independent and happy!

Domaine Farge's terraced plots look like giant stairs! Overlooking the Rhône Valley on the Ardèche side, the estate was created by Guy in 2007. Since January 2018, its...

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(07) Ardèche

Our story

Thomas took over his father Guy's estate at the beginning of 2018. Guy had embarked on the great adventure in 2007. For 5 generations, the vines have been part of the Farge family's daily life. Former director of the Tain l'Hermitage cooperative cellar, Guy is at the initiative of the Domaine's independence. Today, Thomas takes care of his vines from an early age in the centenary; plot by plot on the 20 hectares parcelled out along the Rhône.

Other little stories

"Wine is synonymous with sharing, pleasure, conviviality and above all it is a way of life! I cultivate a terroir, a know-how and a know-how. »

"We are pretty and numerous, we are over 100 years old, and we still have a lot of energy, and Guy doesn't know where to give a head, who are we? The Old Vines of Saint Joseph! »

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