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Domaine Lafage

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Between the sea and the mountains, Jean-Marc and Éliane Lafage have used their oenological talents to work with respect for their Roussillon terroir, while maintaining a constant and reliable quality.

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(66) Pyrénées-Orientales

Our story

It is a family property since 1798 which has vineyards cultivated in Reasoned Control in three sectors: L'Agly, les Aspres and the Maritime Coast of Perpignan! Jean-Marc Lafage and his wife Éliane represent the 7th generation of the family to continue the adventure. And what a long way they have come: replanting, acquisitions, renovations... All of this has resulted in a superb success in all the styles of wine produced on the estate. The Lafage estate is an institution in Perpignan, and an essential estate in the Roussillon region!

After having made wine all over the world, Jean-Marc and his wife decided to come back and settle in Roussillon. This was an opportunity for the family to build a new project. Éliane and Jean-Marc carefully chose the plots of land on which they would make their wines according to what they wanted to produce. Among the mosaic of terroirs that the Roussillon represents, they chose three with very specific characteristics. The Agly valley to find the opulence and authenticity of the traditional Catalan grape varieties, the Aspres which translates the elegance of the Vignon tradition and finally the Côte Maritime to have the freshness of the seaside brought by the capricious sea breezes.

Other little stories

"Dad was a winegrower, I followed him to the vineyard. We had a plot of very old vines on a magnificent, extremely steep terroir. No mechanization was possible, everything was done by hand and these grapes were the first I was allowed to vinify alone. It was here, in the silence, at the rhythm of Man, that I met both my father and my first passion: the vine. A new vinification cellar has just been built on the estate, to ensure even greater precision in our work. In the future, we would like to develop a wine tourism centre to welcome wine lovers in the best possible way.

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