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Mas Floème

For friends happy to spend a good time together... For bon vivants who know how to laugh and sing at the top of their voices... Mas Floème is a winery in south-west France.

Anecdotes about the domain

We were told: "You are throwing yourself into a crazy project! Every day, you will have surprises... It's an unknown land" and so on... But it's TRUE ! For this first year of installation: the pleasures of the administration more used to the sheep than to the vineyard, rupture of raw materials at the suppliers, spring frost, continuous summer rains, pressure of mildew and to finish hail on a plot of land the day of the harvest. Well, now we are ready and even more motivated to make you discover our wines. Enjoy !
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The domain's short story

Mas Floème was born at the end of 2020 from a challenge... to take over and regroup plots of land belonging to cooperators at the end of their activity and to old people of the country. A very long work of restructuring then began. Thus, we cultivate and raise with passion rosé and red wines, results of a long way of observations and questioning to make evolve our know-how. We are proud to work the vine gently from pruning to hand picking, to be attentive to its needs, to welcome numerous auxiliary insects, birds and beehives in our plots. We are proud to be patient and to allow the vine to give its best for a long time.

The winemaker's pride

I am not young anymore but I am a young winemaker... Following meetings, sharing, experiences, hikes and discoveries, I spotted an incredible terroir: the vineyards of the Tarn valley in Aveyron. As the phloem leads the sap, I decided to guide and accompany the forgotten and fragmented vineyards (terraces in particular) by enhancing the parcel. I juggle in my winemaking to enhance all the assets of Aveyron and share them in the bottle: between altitude (300-400m), age of the parcels (from 15 to 70 years), subsoil (clay-limestone, schist) and grape varieties (Gamay, Syrah, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Fer Servadou and Carignan). Two years of life now for MAS FLOEME, 7 ha, in second of organic conversion, and some bottles to make you discover. So, we are looking forward to hearing the corks popping, the cutlery clinking and the laughter bursting. See you soon!
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