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You have been chosen as a witness for the marriage from your best friend, congratulations! After the effusions, the laughter, the tears and many thanks, it is flattering at the moment... With a little hindsight, your smile fades gradually because only one word comes to mind: ORIGINALITY! Well, yes, it is! A bachelorette party is the only way to get married. To help you a little bit, here is a nice idea from EVJF (as they say): A day in the vineyard!

Wine-growing regions to choose for a bachelorette party

It is better to make this day in the sun, for your feet (avoid mud) and the happiness of your friend. To do this, focus on the regions of the South of France such as Languedoc Roussillon, Provence. The landscapes are magnificent and the vines are omnipresent! With a train journey from Paris, which only takes 3 hours, you will quickly reach your destination.

What to do when you arrive?

Un enterrement de vie de jeune fille... dans les vignes : Nos conseils - blog Les Grappes

After dropping off your things at a local's house, in an airbnb or simply in a hotel, get together and set up a short itinerary for your friend. Why not invent a treasure hunt or a fighter's course around the vine and wine? Write little words such as charade, rebus or enigma. Be creative!

The D-Day

Un enterrement de vie de jeune fille... dans les vignes : Nos conseils - blog Les Grappes

Put on your boots (you never know!), blindfold your friend and take her to the heart of a beautiful vineyard...previously spotted. You will have done some research beforehand on the cultivation of the vine, the different means of production, the appellations to impress your friend! You may also plan a wine tasting in one (or more) cellars in the region, a horse ride, a 2CV ride, or a gyropod ride in the vineyards. Be imaginative and make her dream.

To end your "bachelorette party" day, take a good bottle of wine, a few glasses, and toast at sunset, your friend will remember it for a long time.

And also remind him that

"Love is drinking the same wine, but each in his own cup. "
Aziz Chouaki

Guénaëlle (Les Grappes)

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