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How to associate a wine with such a complex dish?

Cantonese rice is a mixture of several flavours: rice is quite neutral, but vegetables and meat pieces bring an explosion of taste very appreciable! The textures are also different: between the melting of the rice, the tenderness of the meat, the crunchiness of the vegetables...
It is therefore necessary to choose a dry white wine, rather light and not very aromatic, with a beautiful minerality and a strong point. Its raw explosion in the mouth is in perfect balance with the multiple flavours of Cantonese rice.

The best appellations for Cantonese rice

The white wines of Provence are sunny and full-bodied, it is perfect to accompany a Cantonese rice. Try a bandol or a Coteaux-D'aix-en-provence. You can also go to the Rhone Valley and taste a Saint-Joseph. The white begins with emerald reflections on a pale colour but evolves towards gold. It has a very good balance between acidity and softness.
Finally, test the Burgundy wines like a Chablis. On the nose, the notes are very fresh, mineral and citrus fruit. Chablis is dry and has an invigorating acidity, it is perfect with a Cantonese rice with shrimps!

Where does Cantonese rice come from?

When people say "Cantonese rice", you probably mean peas, diced ham and omelette.
In reality, the real name of Cantonese rice is Chinese sautéed rice. The traditional recipe is very simple: it allows you to finish the simple rice by adding eggs. But depending on the region and desires, Cantonese rice, or sautéed rice, can contain several ingredients: chicken, shrimp, various vegetables...

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