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If you are in a hurry

Chicken, what kind of wine does it need?

If the chicken is well cooked, it should not be too dry. It is normally a little juicy and tender with a slightly toasted taste due to its skin. In its very classic version, it is often combined with dry white wines, which will give a little boost to the dish with their fruity and acid notes. If you change a little bit of the recipe, like a citrus chicken, you can opt for a more fruity and less lively white wine. A chicken in a caramelized version or accompanied by chestnuts with sweeter notes will see a white wine that will contrast with the sugar. Red wines work just as well if they are fruity.

Which wine to choose?

As we have said, here we should focus on a white wine from the Loire such as Vouvray for example. If you are going for a sweeter preparation, no problem, Vouvray will do the trick! Otherwise you also have the option of a red wine, with more mellow tannins, either by its youth or by its evolution. Take for example a red wine from Burgundy such as Chorey Les Beaune. Why not also a red wine from the Languedoc region, well fruity. Otherwise a Chinon red wine will be a good element for this dish.

Roast chicken: a simple pleasure

Roast chicken is not complicated. A chicken, a side dish, an oven and it's done. Remember to water it well during cooking to prevent it from drying out. A good roasted chicken is shared between friends, with the family, during a small sunny weekend or a cold and rainy weekend. It doesn't matter if he's here to treat us, and we're asking for more!
There are various recipes to change from simple chicken, such as citrus, chestnut, caramelized or stuffed. Not content that it goes well with many different accompaniments, it will be necessary to look carefully at which wine to accompany it with.

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