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Autumn is the season for new wines. These wines of the year, just fermented, quickly taken out of their vats, juveniles, fresh, fruity and crisp, are drunk in the first months after bottling. In the middle of winter, then. Here are some tips to match food and wine.

New wines: what is it?

If Beaujolais Nouveau is well known, it is not the only appellation to produce its primeur wine. In all vineyards, autumn comes with the wines of the vintage. Called new wines or primeur wines, they all have in common that they come out of the cellars first, just 2 months after the harvest.

Unfortunately, they are sometimes tarnished by a bad image, judged too quickly as bad wines. However, it must be acknowledged that all the qualities exist among the new wines and some of them are well worth tasting, discovering, enjoying and sharing the bottle. They even open during meals and accompany an incredible variety of dishes, without fuss, without pretension and with friendliness.

Food and wine pairings: let's break the neck with received ideas with the primeur wines

White wine with fish? No red wine with the cheese? Here's some good news: you can combine new wines with many dishes and finally, brave the prohibitions.

The young wines are fruity and light, so they are a delicious accompaniment to grilled fish and even..... oysters! In the same way, red wine enthusiasts can enjoy winter and new wines to enjoy an original but relevant combination, accompanying goat cheese with the red wine of the year.

Autumn dishes with new wines

Mother Nature is well done, the seasonal agreements are proof of this. New wines, crisp, acidulous, fruity, like to go well with hot autumn dishes: grilled sausages, salted with lentils...

Lamb or veal meat also deliciously accompanies the spicy notes of early wines.

Everyday dishes for wines of pleasure

New wines are associated with pleasure, sharing and conviviality. We have a snack with the primeur wines, we associate them with simple everyday dishes, regional dishes generally blending very well with the new wine of the local producer: cold meats, poultry, cheeses, primeur wines... heat on the table for autumn.

Manon Mouly (for Les Grappes)

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