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Thomas Teibert - Domaine de l'Horizon

“ The freshness of Roussillon in biodynamics ”

Thomas Teibert is a German winegrower who fell in love with the soils of Roussillon. He therefore settled there to produce biodynamic wines with singular aromas and a freshness that explodes in the mouth. It is definitely one of the gems to discover on Les Grappes.

France Crispeels - Vignoble Réveille

“  The estate that wakes up the natural wines! ”

Domaine Réveille offers natural southern wines, made from grapes picked at maturity. The wines are "aged" in concrete vats between 9 and 18 months, depending on the evolution, tenderness and vibration that appears. Each year, the new vintages stand out for their freshness and Mediterranean character. Recently at one of our tastings, France explained that "What brings us together with wine is memory". And believe us, you must make a place in your memory for the natural wines of this vineyard.

Elise Gaillard - Domaine Madeloc

 Roussillon (Collioure)
“ Like father, like daughter! ”

It's a family taste for the Gaillard family. The parents have passed on their passion for wine to their 3 children. They have grown up in this warm and lively atmosphere. Thanks to the wines, Elise was able to discover new flavours that allowed her to create wines at her image. Between sea and mountains, Domaine Madeloc extends over 16 hectares of hillsides in Roussillon.

Andy Cook - Domaine Consolation

“  Let's Rock with Domaine Consolation ! ”

A Rock'n'Roll estate that is not afraid to change the codes to highlight 100% single varietal products. Rigorous and meticulous, Andy wants to bring forgotten grape varieties (Vermentino, Marsanne) up to date. The parcels of the Consolation estate have been meticulously selected and pampered (weeding with a pickaxe, manual thinning, precise ploughing with a horse) to offer us wines that come out of the ordinary. Incredibly fresh for the region and of infinite length !

Wilfried Walat - La Nouvelle Don(n)e

“ Burgundian desires in Roussillon ”

Wilfried Walat has been emphasising for some years now on a low interventionist wine making, because it is by letting our vineyard express itself that it gains in sincerity and typicity. Certified in organic agriculture since its creation (2007), the estate has been committed since 2011 to the path of natural wines where interventions are minimalist and the SO2 rate is voluntarily kept very low. Result? Fresh, purer, simpler wines, without artifices, natural!

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