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Domaine de Crémone

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Previously in wine distribution, Patrice decided to become a winegrower in 2013 and acquired 15 hectares of vines with the help of his son. He gave the estate the name Cremona, in homage to his...

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(84) Vaucluse

We have a deep respect for our lands and vines, for example, the grenaches from our Rasteau vintage are from 1953, we take great care of them, I must say that it is almost love we feel for them. They are not clones and it shows because each vine is different. when you look at the arms, they are very tortuous, as if they had suffered to grow. we have no mortality in these vines, we are very lucky to have them. We do not use any chemicals in our vines, we have not put any fertilizers or amendments in place yet, and we are starting this year with an agronomist to analyze our soils and follow us through all the steps to move towards biodynamics. Half of our vineyard is exposed North West and on hillsides, which gives us a freshness that we have less with southern exposure. In 2015, we reintegrated our vineyard by selling the distant and plain vines to acquire vines on the hillsides.

Our story

The estate was created by Patrice, the father and Thomas Barbieri, the son, in June 2013 with the purchase of vines from several winegrowers in Rasteau and Cairanne at the foot of Mont Ventoux. The family estate has very beautiful hillside plots on Rasteau where there are 10 hectares of vines with a north-west exposure and 7 hectares on Cairanne. The significant proportion of old vines allows them to produce authentic wines with character.

Other little stories

Our wines are produced in a natural way without any addition of chemicals either during the cultivation of the vine or in the vinification process. We prefer manual work and only deal with copper and sulphur. We weed our vines mechanically or manually. All the grapes are hand-picked: sorted in the vineyard, harvested in crates and then brought to the cellar in a refrigerated truck. We use our land in sustainable agriculture with a view to switching to organic and biodynamic farming...

A little anecdote: our quad, a real work tool, allows us to transport the crates of grapes to the cellar during the harvest, but also throughout the year during the various works in the vineyard. Its small size allows a precise and fast movement in the rows of our vineyard. Soon will start the pruning we do as a family. A real pleasure to be father and son together in our vineyards at the foot of Mont Ventoux and the dentelles de Montmirail. We really consider ourselves as artisan winegrowers.

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