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Domaine de la Caillabère

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The grapes in the glass!

Nestled in the heart of the Pyrenean Piedmont, a wine-growing region since Gallo-Roman times, it is the steep and rocky ground on which the property is located that gave it its name. Indeed, the...

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(64) Pyrénées-Atlantiques

Independent winegrower in organic conversion, established in Béarn since 1992. Discover our wines from an exceptional terroir and local grape varieties, tannat, small and large manseng.

Our story

In Taron, a passionate winegrower has been surveying since 1992 the slopes with a dominant presence of large rolled pebbles typical of the Pyrenean Piedmont. As an agricultural expert at the time, Jean Marc Larroudé made a passionate choice, and created a "human-sized" vineyard which allowed this self-taught man to manage all the activities from the vineyard to the wine-making process on his own.
Proud of his roots, Jean-Marc's ambition is to sublimate the autochthonous grape varieties of Béarn - tannat, petit and gros manseng - by creating delicate and complex wines, reflections of a rich and

A wine-growing history that is now written in the


Other little stories

"Working with grape varieties from Béarn has always been a matter of course for me! I am looking for wines that reflect this terroir that is dear to me and that are pleasant to drink and share. And for that, what other choices are there than tannat, the small and large manseng, symbols of our wine-growing heritage? "

Our philosophy:
1. as farmer-winemakers, we make our wines in complete freedom and


Because the

soil and the vines are our capital, the Domaine has recently embarked on an


viticulture approach


3. Anxious to let the quality of the grape express itself as well as possible, we limit the interventions in wine making, with a reasoned use of sulphites and from now on, vintages without

added sulphur.

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