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Domaine de Verquière

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Passed down from father to son for 4 generations, the Domaine de Verquière in Sablet is now managed by Thibaut Chamfort who ensures the continuity and development of the family estate...

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This family estate has been passed down from father to son in Sablet. Thibault represents the fourth generation of winemakers in his family, ensuring the development of the estate along the lines outlined by his father. Thibault undertook a conversion to organic farming in 2011 and since 2014, all vintages are certified organic.

Our story

The Verquière estate is located in Sablet, a welcoming and generous land that produces red wines with a rich and powerful bouquet. The winemaker cultivates four main grape varieties: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault and Mourvèdre, on a golden terroir!

On this terroir that Thibault respects and protects, a dozen vintages are worked in Côtes du Rhône Villages Sablet and Rasteau appellation. The wines are round, fruity, sometimes complex: we can see the winemaker's touch. Since 2011, Thibault has been converting to organic farming and was certified three years later.

For more than 4 generations, the family estate has been passed down from father to son in Sablet. Today, it is Thibault who is at the head of the estate, ensuring the development of the Rhone Valley estate along the lines described by his father. For Thibault, winemaking is a profession-passion: the winemaker decided to convert his vineyard to organic farming and obtained the label in 2014.

Flashback: it was Edmond, Thibault's great-grandfather, who bought the buildings on the estate at a young age. After some renovations, he gave a new lease of life to the estate and sold his juices to the most renowned merchants in the region. Louis, Chamfort's grandfather, starts to market the wines in bottles and enlarges the property, Verquière makes a name for itself. Bernard, Thibault's father, developed international sales, the turning point was reached!

Other little stories

Committed to conversion since 2011, we obtained the Organic Agriculture label in 2014. For your health and one day for the health of our children!

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Domaine de Verquière
2019, Vallée du Rhône - Rasteau
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