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Summer is undoubtedly the season for roasted sardines. They wriggle cheerfully with the fresh currents to be sacrificed at a dinner party. But what a feast! This friendly dish, eaten exclusively outside (smell obligatory), has that something reassuring that makes it attractive. A dish with a strong character, which is not easy to match. So, what wines with grilled sardines?
No matter what color it is, it's enough that the wine is up to the task!

What white wine with sardines? Domaine du Salut's white wine

Head for the Bordeaux vineyard and its famous Graves terroir.

A blend of Semillon and Sauvignon Blanc with a fine nose of exotic fruits (mango, pineapple, lychee) and small white flowers (acacia flower). With a copious palate, revived by its liveliness and lemony finish.

A rosé with sardines? Choose the rosé of Mas Cristine

Quels vins servir avec des sardines grillées ? - Accord mets/vins - blog Les Grappes
Grilled sardines in Greek style © Saveurs Magazine N° 169

A dominant Grenache Noir for this cuvée with an attractive nose, which enhances peony, Roussillon apricot and menthol notes. In the mouth, we find the sun of Argelès-sur-Mer, a beautiful amplitude, invigorated by a hint of bitterness.

The ideal red wine to accompany grilled sardines: the Grololo cuvée from the Pithon-Paillé estate

A Grololo based on Grolleau (or Groslot), a grape variety endemic to the Loire Valley. A lively wine, which reveals aromas of red fruits (cherry, strawberry), juicy and light on the palate.

In short, whites and rosés structured enough to withstand the flesh and powerful taste of sardines. Soft red wines, with supple tannins, that will not stand out. Whatever the colour, the common point of all these wines is their freshness.

Roasted sardines that have easily found their feet. That's why we have to ignore the preconceptions!

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