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Champagne Guy Charbaut

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Twenty hectares of nectar

The Guy Charbaut Champagne House is a family estate located in the heart of the best Champagne wines. Xavier and Nathalie rigorously select the grapes that are picked when they are ripe...

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(51) Marne

The history of the estate dates back to 1936, when André, Xavier's grandfather, began growing the first vines in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ. The vineyard expanded with the takeover of the estate in the 1960s by Guy, his son. The reward comes when the estate takes the name of Charbaut, after having proven itself in the cultivation and vinification of Champagne. Today, Xavier is at the head of this Champagne House, accompanied by his wife Nathalie with whom he manages the 20 hectares of the vineyard.

Our story

Nathalie and I are entirely dedicated to our estate, concerned to establish a sustainable viticulture, respectful of Nature and People, we observe the vine and its needs. Always in search of a new idea, progress and perfection, we are passionately committed to perpetuating the history of the Charbaut brand.

Other little stories

Our vineyard made up of Pinot Noir, Meunier and Chardonnay grape varieties covers nearly 20 hectares, which makes our House the largest of the small, and the smallest of the largest!

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