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Château Nadal-Hainaut

(58 ratings)
A passion passed on from father to daughter

Our estate has been built around the same passion, which has now been passed on to the sixth generation. Our wines represent the finesse and elegance of naturally ripened grapes...

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(66) Pyrénées-Orientales

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Roussillon , Côtes Catalanes

2020, Rouge

The word of the Winemaker:

I enjoy making this Syrah, which stands out from our other products because of its lightness and its aromatic power, with notes of red fruits. Cuvée without added sulphites

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Roussillon , Côtes Catalanes

2016, Rouge

(10 ratings)
The word of the Winemaker:

An ordinary grape variety, an unknown soil, an extraordinary vine age and the local know-how make this wine an exceptional wine. Planted in 1900, this vine has been planted with strength...

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Roussillon , Côtes Catalanes

2020, Blanc

(18 ratings)
The word of the Winemaker:

With its complete vinification in oak barrels, this Chardonnay stands out from the others with aromas of extraordinary finesse.

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Roussillon , Muscat de Rivesaltes

2020, Liquoreux

(16 ratings)
The word of the Winemaker:

An aromatic explosion and an enchanting balance between fruit and alcohol, this Muscat de Rivesaltes is a graceful wine.

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Roussillon , Côtes du Roussillon

2015, Rouge

(14 ratings)
The word of the Winemaker:

For this cuvée, we have chosen a method of integral vinification, whose manual crushing and punching down bring to this wine all its depth. This black elixir is a concentrate of our...

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