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Vila Voltaire

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I fell to the ground, it's Vila Voltaire!

Starting from scratch, we wanted to enhance the value of the native grape varieties and forgotten terroirs by creating our own cellar. But it is above all the passion of our couple for the vine in its cradle...

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We fell in love with our first old vines dedicated to grubbing up, "petas" that nobody wanted because they were not very productive, then a crazy move for a winegrower's house found on the Internet in 2000, the adventure was launched: it's the Vila VOLTAIRE!

Our story

Very old vines grown in organic agriculture, a work of wines without artifice. Two terroirs are exploited distinctly, the Coteaux d'Ensérune with a rather solar white soil and Saint Chinian with a cooler red soil. It is during our walks in the garrigue that we found all our plots, the average size of the plots is 30 ares, each of them has a very particular history, behaviour and allocation. From 30 to 110 years old, our vines produce grapes that complement each other in the production of the vintages: Carignan for the spices, freshness and aromas of the garrigue, Grenache for the flesh and finally Syrah for the density and darkness of the fruit. Our soils are under severe water stress, we feed their useful reserve with humus. We bring volcanic rocks rich in silica and slag for phosphorus to flocculate clays and regenerate very old soils. At the end of the harvest, the soils are watered by Cévennes rains to let a natural vegetation cover grow.

Other little stories

The freedom to make a wine from A to Z, few agricultural or gastronomic products offer this opportunity to a farmer. The wine that most resembles us? Puech Auriol Tourments, a wine that dares and reflects our freedom. Tribute to grenache and Hispanic inspiration are the key words of this exuberant wine! No guru but the desire to join the family of "sunny" winegrowers praised by Pierre Casamayor who is reviving the coat of arms of Languedoc, carrying a fresh, eclectic and ambitious message. Our little-known terroirs have not yet delivered their full potential.

Wine has always been an inseparable part of our family celebrations: sacred! The freedom with which we created them, each cuvée is the result of a reflection, without the weight of the heritage. Thus, the vines (old vines), the vinifications (bioprotection), the blends (forgotten grape varieties) or the maturing (tuns and jars) are original. Nothing is more unbearable to us than the established order, a hierarchy that too few guides and journalists hesitate to question. Finally, the deception of natural wines (wine is not natural, it is culture), i.e. the failure of sommeliers, who paradoxically often work in temples of culinary precision, to master the great wines as a pantheon.

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