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Wines for every type

Risotto is available in countless recipes. We can classify the recipes under 3 main families. The risottos rather with vegetables, those with fish and finally the risottos with meat. A vegetable risotto, as with a preparation based on lemon, fresh herbs and asparagus, will need a wine that is not too lively, fruity and fresh, with a supple tendency and a little body to contrast with the taste sensations of fresh and slightly acidic risottos. Preparations with mushrooms will need a more alcoholic and generous wine or even a red wine for porcini mushrooms or truffles.
For meat-based risottos such as pancetta or Parma ham, go for a red wine that is a little young, lively and "light". It will cut the fat out of the dish and goes perfectly with this type of risotto.
Fish based risottos such as a shrimp/avocado preparation will go wonderfully well with a mineral, fruity white wine that will come with a slightly sharp side to cut the fat sensation of the risotto once again. If you add spices such as curry, remember to choose a more refreshing white or a rosé, but always fruity and lively.
Finally if you make a risotto only with cheeses, always start with a rather bright white, and why not a red with a little character without being too strong.

Which wines and appellations to choose?

For the vegetable risottos, start with a fresh and mineral white wine, a little lively like a white Loire wine or Vouvray for example.
For meat-based risottos opt for light red wines like a Beaujolais or head for Bordeaux or the Loire.
Preparations made with fish, such as shrimp/avocado risotto, will go very well with a well-spawned white wine, with that lively and mineral side like some Alsatian whites. Also try, for example, a Château de Premeaux in white Burgundy! If you go for spices you will have to go for a white wine with refreshing notes like the Pinot Blanc d'Alsace which will go perfectly well.
For a preparation based on cheese, the White Tradition of Château Darlay will always be there to seduce you but also for a wine like a Domaine de Venus in Côte du Roussillon.

The risotto

Il fabuloso risotto italiano! A traditional Italian recipe, risotto continues to delight us with its many different preparations, inspired from the four corners of the world. After the first rice fields in the Po region of Italy appeared towards the end of the 15th century, risotto only began its international expansion in the 1970s.
So what's risotto? First of all, it is a dish made from special rice varieties such as Carnaroli or Vialone Nano. This rice must be cooked by successive wetting with broths, so that it absorbs water thanks to its high concentration of starch. At the end of the cooking process, parmesan cheese is added to thicken the preparation a little more and make this little sauce which gives all its charm to the dish. We love risotto in summer, a little fresh with lemon, herbs and asparagus for example. And who says risotto (and summer) says wine! Italy is a beautiful producer country, so they did not forget to associate this dish with wine.

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