Oenotourisme France - Découvrez en vidéo : de vignes en clochers dans les côtes du Rhône Gardoises - Les Grappes

Discover in video: from vines to bell towers in the Côtes du Rhône Gardoises region.

Each wine carries the soul of a village. Here in the Côtes du Rhône Gardoises, the terroirs are as varied as the landscapes and the wines of the Côtes du Rhône and Côtes du Rhône Villages that are produced here are as racy as the villages that border them. They even sometimes give them their name!

Just like La Roque sur Cèze, Montclus and Aiguèze, are classified among the "most beautiful villages of France". These ancient fortified villages built on rocky outcrops overlook the river.

The Cèze for some and the Ardèche for others. They still occupy a strategic place in the landscape as they can be admired from afar. One can moreover taste the pleasure of these discoveries thanks to the many walks organized on the territory having precisely as a central theme this rural heritage. They often conclude with a visit to a cellar or a tasting of local wine. A pleasant way to discover a heritage in all its forms.

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