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Heading for South Africa?

Today we are heading for South Africa, a beautiful country with a Mediterranean climate, where wine is made halfway between the Old and New Worlds. We help you to choose the estates to visit!

18 wine routes in the south of Africa

The country has 18 wine routes. The trick to see as much as possible is to take a ticket for the Franschhoek Wine Tram. This combination of a tram and an open bus leaves every half hour and stops at different wineries. A good way to really enjoy without having to worry about the road map.

There are several possible routes: the Blue Line and the Red Line. On the Blue Line, you can discover the domains of Mont Rochelle, La Couronne, La Bourgogne, Rickety Bridge, or Grande Provence. On the Red Line are the domains of Chamonix, Dieu Donne, Eikehof, or Leopard's Leap.

Small teasing, you can: taste super good wine, in a historical setting, with a cheese and cold cuts platter, with a crazy view, and admire the vineyards laid out in an old tram.

For the anecdote: if we find many French names in the lot, it's because the Huguenots settled in South Africa in the 17th century, on the side of Franschhoek (which means "corner of the French" in Afrikaans).

The wine of Constance, Napoleon's favourite wine.

For Napoleon fans, note that Constantia wine was Corsica's favourite: a sweet wine that made him forget his loneliness during his exile on the island of Saint Helena. Groot Constantia is the most famous domain, and one can make a rather unusual wine/chocolate tasting there!

If you really want to avoid tourists, head for the Klein Constantia Estate (closed on Sundays, beware) or the Eagle's Nest Estate.

We count on you to test it!

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