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Discover the art of wine living made in Brick Bay, New Zealand.

Planted facing Kawau Bay, in Matakana, 50 minutes north of Auckland, the Brick Bay vineyard breathes fresh (iodized) air. Vines, a vegetable garden, chickens, art and art of living... it's a recipe for happiness! And yes, we come to Brick Bay, not only to drink wine, to do "art trail", but also to enjoy the fine and ingenious cuisine of Cameron Cook! We'll take you with us to New Zealand, direction Brick Bay!

Brick Bay: Wine, art, architecture, a complete wine experience.

As soon as you enter the field, the tone is set. The space is designed to welcome visitors. The restaurant is placed under a glass roof (signed Noel Lane, award-winning kiwi architect!) which integrates like a greenhouse into an agricultural environment. It's all about light. The "tasting-room" is open to the main hall and offers tasting and purchase of the 6 wines of the estate.

The chef is working on a map focused on the exploration of local seasonal products, all tasted right in front of the pinot gris that is basking in the sun and to the left of the beets from the vegetable garden. The storytelling is on! The place already tells a beautiful story.

Another particularity of the estate is its "baseline": "art & wine entwined". From the "glass house" begins an artistic journey of about an hour, punctuated by sculptures by contemporary New Zealand artists. A complete experience we tell you! If your heart tells you to (and your scholarship follows), you may even crack and leave with one.

The Brick Bay vineyard certified sustainable development

Once the presentation of the premises is done, let's get into the heart of the grape! Christine and Richard (the owners of the premises), have entrusted their land for over 20 years to Brian Breen.Certified sustainable development, the entire team works with the goal of leaving a healthy soil for future generations. They are the true "guardians of their land". The wines are good, structured, built with delicacy and innovation in mind.

The red wines are made from so-called Bordeaux grape varieties, with a particular fondness for Pharos 2013 (Malbec, Cabernet Sauvignon and Petit Verdot). No perlimpinpin powder, but a long term work carried out with brio in partnership with James Rowan, the "alchemist" responsible for the vinification of the Brick Bay wines.

The family and friendly spirit is omnipresent, as well as sharing, which remains the key word for this first discovery. A place that is recommended to all wine lovers passing through New Zealand!

Wine Zealand Project (for Les Grappes)

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