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Discover Chilean wine

It's not only in Argentina that we make good wine, in Chile too! And yes, the lair of tourists looking for fresh air and crazy landscapes also attracts wine lovers! Here are five things you might not know about Chilean wine:

The Carménère, an emblematic grape variety of Chile, is of Bordeaux origin.

It is thanks to the absence of phylloxera that the Carmenera has survived in Chile. This grape variety is originally from Bordeaux, but was never replanted in France, because it only ripened in November, among other reasons.It should be noted that Carménère and Merlot were confused for a long time, because the two grape varieties were very similar.

A winery has turned a legend into a marketing ploy

Where France is held back by the Evin law, other countries around the world can afford to launch big advertising campaigns. This is the case of the Concha y Toro vineyard, which bases its entire marketing strategy on a legend that dates back to the 19th century. We couldn't resist showing you the video!

Here's a little story for non-English speakers:

Don Melchor de Concha y Toro, the owner of the vineyard of the same name, saw his best bottles disappear little by little. In order to frighten the thieves, he decided to start a sinister rumour that his cellars were inhabited by the Devil. The rumor soon spread like wildfire throughout the region, stopping the untimely thefts. The legend remained, and gave its name to one of the most famous wines of Chile: Casillero del Diablo.

Chilean wine is often similar in taste to Californian wines.

Chile and the United States have a very close relationship: the US is a big consumer of Chilean wine, and Chile is a big consumer of Coca-Cola. The wines are generally concentrated and woody, similar in taste to Californian wines. Moreover, oenological exchanges between the two countries are very frequent. And Chilean wine is the third most imported wine in the US, after Italian and French wines.

For a long time the Chileans cultivated only one grape variety: the Païs

One of the most beautiful vineyards in the world is hidden in the heart of the Chilean valleys.

Nestled in the heart of the Aconcagua valleys, the Errazuríz estate dates back to the 19th century. One tastes there delicious wines, very fine. You will know what to try on your next trip to Chile!

Tiphaine, contributor Les Grappes

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