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All roads lead to the Napa Valley.

The Napa Valley, finally, is a bit of an American paradise for wine lovers: 250 vineyards to discover in the heart of California. Maximum sunshine, rolling fields and some of the best wines in the country. All in all, it's something to see at least once in a lifetime. OK, but that's a fifty kilometre zone to cover, so what's the plan of attack? We suggest three ways to visit the Napa Valley!

Napa Valley... driving to be efficient...

To visit the Napa Valley by car, simply leave Napa and take Highway 29 north. If your goal is to visit as many vineyards and wineries as possible, this may be the best plan: Highway 29 provides easy access to small towns. To do if you have a busy schedule but a tight schedule. Some of the most famous estates: Domaine Chandon, Beaulieu Vineyard...

Napa Valley... biking to the country side.

The Silverado Trail is the country version of Highway 29. It is approximately 48 kilometres long, starting in Napa and ending in Calistoga. Because, if you want to take your time to visit the vineyards, you might as well take a bike and ride along the road, enjoying - really - the landscape. There are some great names: Joseph Phelps, ZD Wine, Mumm, Krug... but also smaller wineries where real enthusiasts are ready to devote their time and good wine to you.

Napa Valley... by train for an express tour

The Wine Train is a small steam train that dates back to the beginning of the 20th century and connects Napa to Santa Helena. It is a 40 kilometer journey that offers a superb view of the vineyards and hills of the region. As a little bonus, the train also makes a restaurant: THE spot for those who want to taste wine while discovering the vineyards (100 wines on the menu all the same) and try the regional food, prepared by a real great chef.

Want to discover the French vineyard?

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