Oenologie - Les petites appellations méconnues à découvrir ! Les Grappes

Little-known appellations to discover!

Les Grappes invites you to discover the little known wine appellations which often hide very pretty nuggets!

Côteaux d'Ancenis Malvoisie

The Coteaux d'Ancenis, at the crossroads of the vineyards of Nantes and Anjou, have a little golden treasure: Malvoisie, a mellow, golden, honeyed wine, perfect for aperitifs and desserts. With their beautiful golden colour, they have subtle and elegant aromas: white flowers, ripe fruits, exotic fruits. After a few years of ageing, the bouquet is adorned with notes of spices, wax and honey.

It comes from a rare grape variety in the region, the Malvoisie du Pays Nantais better known as pinot gris. This grape variety produces elegant dry wines but is particularly suited to sweet wines thanks to its high sugar concentration.The Coteaux d'Ancenis Malvoisie is best enjoyed as an aperitif and with dessert, but it can also be enjoyed throughout a meal. The Coteaux d'Ancenis are also available in red and rosé with the Gamay grape variety.

Like its neighbours in the Nantes vineyard, the Ancenis hillsides proudly claim their proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, the only vineyard in France to be able to claim such an attachment.


Still little known and yet atypical by name, the appellation Vinsobres, cru de la Drôme Provençale, has everything of a great grace thanks to the freshness and finesse of its red wines. Qualities that are usually found in the northern Rhone Valley crus.

Vinsobres is a charming village of winegrowers, at altitude, in the heart of a veritable amphitheatre of vines benefiting from the influence of the pre-Alps. The terroir is characterized by its strong Syrah grape variety which gives it a spicy, gourmet side and a strong ageing potential.

The Vinsobres are red wines only, with a sustained colour intensity, fruity (red fruits), powerful and structured (good balance alcohol/acidity) and a lot of freshness. They go wonderfully well with a not too spicy Provencal cuisine (lamb, olive, truffle).

With an average price of 8 to 9€ for a bottle bought at the property.

Côtes de Provence la Londe

The beautiful unknown of Côtes de Provence is a vineyard overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Benefiting from an idyllic geographical position, between Toulon and Saint Tropez, the vineyard of this denomination of soil is located in the South-West of the Maures massif. 4 communes of the Var are included in the Côtes de Provence La Londe delimited area: Bormes les Mimosas, La Crau, Hyères and La Londe les Maures. The preserved nature does not leave indifferent. Some sumptuous wine properties such as Figuière, Sainte Marguerite or Léoube welcome wine tourists.

In the heart of the region of the rosé king, the Côtes de Provence la Londe are more and more present on the maps of the great starred tables of the French Riviera. The rosés are generally pale and aromatic with notes of apricot, grapefruit or exotic fruits. They stand out by their beautiful balance between minerality and roundness.

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