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What light for good wine conservation?

Prolonged natural or artificial light on a bottle of wine would result in pungent aromas due to premature oxidation. Light on our tricks to optimize the lighting of your wine cellars.

Exposed to natural or artificial light (white or ultraviolet light) for too long, your wine will degrade, lose its aroma and intensity. This express ageing causes a considerable deterioration in the gustatory qualities that professionals call
the "taste of light", of which white and rosé wines are the most sensitive.

Therefore, it is strongly advised to avoid light sources powered by fluorescent lamps and tubes or storage places near a light source (under a skylight, near a window etc...). Wine bottles are usually made of dark-coloured glass to preserve it better naturally. We recommend for those who do not have a cellar to store their bottles in their original packaging (with the tissue paper in their box).

For wine lovers who own apartment wine cellars, we still recommend limited wine storage. If you wish to keep your wine for several months or years, opt for an ageing cellar instead. This type of cellar has the same conservation characteristics as a traditional wine cellar and allows you to ensure a constant temperature, as well as an appropriate level of humidity, the two pillars of good wine conservation.

The most efficient lighting solution is LED light. With several advantages, LED light is more and more recommended. First of all, it is very energy efficient, consuming on average 80% less energy than an incandescent lamp. Do you want to consume better and reduce your energy consumption? Find out more about electricity agencies and their contracts by reading this article. To find out about electricity contract rates in 2018, go here.
In addition, it should be noted that the quality of the LED gives it an optimized life: it lasts on average 30,000 hours compared to 1000 hours for an incandescent bulb and is easily found on the market in all tones, intensities and bases sold traditionally.

We recommend an indirect light of warm colour for a better ageing of your bottles, with a LED bulb reaching a maximum of 2700K. We will install more wall spots or spotlights for large cellars, fixed by wires, strips, rails or recessed. LED spotlights can also give real charm to your cellar by illuminating aisles, creating precise areas for each wine thanks to the play of colours, volumes and contrasts offered by multiple light sources and intensities.

Lorianne L'Eveillé

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