Le Château des Coccinelles : passion and cultural methods respecting the environment

Located in Domazan at the southern tip of the valley of Rhônebetween the Pont d'Avignon and the Pont du Gard, the Château des Coccinelles covers 80 hectares. This estate has belonged to the Fabre family since 1928, Paul-Henri and his brother-in-law Jean-Baptiste, took over the reins in 2007. Today, we explain to you how this family has decided to engage in environmentally friendly agriculture.

3 generations, one ideology!

In 1928, Gabriel Fabre, the founder of the estate, built the current farmhouse with his own hands. Legend has it that all this was made possible by a cherry harvest. René Fabre was born the following year within these same walls.

At the dawn of his 21st year, René took over the management of his father's estate. The polyculture was still present: vines, cherries, apricots were growing in the same place. In 1961, he married Marie-Claire who was in charge of the wine making. At that time, a woman at the head of a winery was rare.

A question came to René and his wife: how to be closer to our environment? This is the beginning of organic farming!

The 1st international congress "Nature et Progrès" took place in 1974. It welcomed nearly 15,000 people and 170 journalists. Some time later, the first external controls allowed Château des Coccinelles to obtain the first organic certificate and the first labels with this mention were printed.

30 years before everyone else, the Château was ahead of its time and they were right! For the record, a tray of cherries was offered to the Minister of Agriculture at the same time as the first organic specifications.

Raymond Fabre took over the management of the property with his sister Christine who developed the marketing. Their wines are extended in the three colors. This is how Paul-Henri arrived and it is under his impulse that the estate will gain in quality and will be exported all over the world.

As a sign of respect and recognition, he decided to replant a cherry tree on the estate.

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Discover the Southern Rhône Valley with Château des Coccinelles

The estate, which stretches around the Signargues plateau, is distinguished by its exceptional geological history. Facing south and windy more than 200 days a year, its uniqueness lies in the composition of its soil: more clayey in depth covered with rolled pebbles, the buffer effect is ensured to guarantee a water supply to the vines.

This major asset shows the importance of balance to show the finesse of the wines. His Côtes du Rhône are then very famous, about 80h/hectares are produced each year by the Château and the Domaine.

All the wines are matured in vats and nothing is left to chance: total de-stemming, pumping over and de-stemming, thermo-regulated vinification, gentle pneumatic pressing...

In summary, the vintages like the red Syrah of 2021are unique and preserved.

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The Château's anecdotes

To celebrate its 100th vinification, the Château des Coccinelles has produced a special sulphur-free cuvée named after the double wings of the Ladybirds "Elytra".

In choosing the vino-lok cork for his Signargues cuvée, made of glasses, Jean-Baptiste Mangin noticed that this cork significantly increased the wine's aging potential.

The cuvées of the château are recognizable by a small ladybug on the labels and are very present in France and are also exported to Northern Europe, North America and Asia.

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