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I am Alain LEGRET, an independent winemaker in Talus-St-Prix, I make my champagnes from A to Z, and can therefore guarantee the traceability and quality of my wines.

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(51) Marne

Our vines are located in the Marne on the slopes of the Sézannais and the Petit Morin. Our plots of land cover 4 communes of the Champagne appellation for a cultivated area of 4.5 hectares:- Talus-Saint-Prix (where we grow 57% sucker and 43% pinot noir);- Sézanne (100% chardonnay);- Barbonne Fayel (100% chardonnay);- Oyes (100% pinot noir).

Our story

We have learned a lot from our parents and grandparents, but my wife Sandrine and I have decided to go even further, by promoting their know-how and the traditions passed on. We have strengthened our environmental approach with a broader concept of respect for the environment, in keeping with our personal convictions.1) Respect for the terroir : We produce our grapes and make our champagnes without the use of synthetic products. In 2017, Champagne Legret & Fils obtained the French environmental certification TERRA VITIS. In 2018, we entered the first year of conversion to obtain the official BIO EU certification. 2) Respect for biodiversity and the ecosystem: It is not just the land, the vine that Champagne Legret & Fils is keen to protect. Indeed, all our vintages are certified vegan since 2016 and are controlled at the level of winemaking and packaging (paper, ink, glue, cork) But we go beyond that, because our packaging is also vegan and our viticulture is vegan. We use various treatments based on plants or minerals, as well as the effect of dynamization, we do not use any product of animal origin, nor animal labor, on all the chain of production. Organic does not mean vegan, and vegan does not mean organic... But, for us, one cannot go without the other, for the sake of consistency and transparency with our consumers. As an alternative to the clarification of wine by synthetic or animal products (e.g. gelatine, fish bladder, egg white, albumin), we filter our wines with biodegradable and compostable cellulose filter plates. In February 2020, we started agroforestry, and today more than 300 trees and shrubs are planted in the heart of our vineyards. 3) Respect for people Champagne Legret & Fils wants to offer you healthy champagnes with a rich aroma reflecting the terroir, tradition and know-how. Our vintages are recognized for their exceptional quality and have won numerous medals in national and international competitions, thanks to the talent of our family and our employees. And it is for the well-being, health and safety at work of the entire Champagne Legret et Fils team that we are committed to a corporate social responsibility (CSR) approach.

Other little stories

To be a winegrower is obviously to produce grapes. But to be an independent Champagne winemaker is also to be a craftsman, and to create a magnificent beverage, it is to learn every day and always to be amazed.

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