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4 reasons to make wine tourism in its field

You don't have visitors in your area yet? After reading this article, you will surely change your mind! Discover 4 reasons to develop wine tourism in yourarea.

To promote French wine know-how

In France

Although wine is produced in many countries, France has a thousand-year-old know-how of inestimable value. Its heritage, its terroirs, must be preserved and developed on different scales. And yes, it is partly the responsibility of our French winegrowers, who today offer a variety of activities, to show their know-how to the most curious French people. To tell the truth, the inhabitants of France are rather receptive to the wine tourism offer: the French represented 58% of the total number of wine tourists in 2017 (according to Atout France).

If you weren't there, you know what to do next weekend!

In the world

If French know-how is recognised internationally (for wine at least), it is necessary to continue this promotional effort to preserve it and attract more and more visitors. The gestures of our winegrowers must not be lost, and this goes through their notoriety and their diffusion.

Although the South African or New Zealand vineyards attract many visitors every year, it is important to continue to communicate on French productions. Thanks to the joint effort of institutions, training establishments and companies, winegrowers will be able to welcome wine tourists serenely and thus help wine tourism in France to flourish.

Increase the reputation of their vineyards

Word of mouth: the winegrower's best friend

The best media is word of mouth, say marketing and communication experts. In 2010, France was the world's largest wine producer with 45 million hectolitres. When 20% out of 1,000 French tourists choose their holiday destination based on the region's vineyards (according to AFIT), the stakes are high for wine producers. Opening up their estates to tourists is the perfect opportunity for winegrowers to get people talking about their work and to meet customers live.

Increasing sales through wine tourism

Opening up to wine tourism also means building customer loyalty. Receiving tourists in your winery for a wine tasting, or around otheractivities, is potentially converting a tourist into a consumer of your product. In addition, sales at the château are frequent when the wine tourist visits the estate: according to Atout France, a tourist spends an average of 250€ on consumption or purchase of wine directly at the château. This exchange is beneficial to both parties since the customer buys at the estate price (no commission taken from the bottle) and the winemaker saves the costs of sending his bottles.

As the world's leading tourist country and wine producer, France has all the cards in hand to become the world's leading wine tourism destination. If you own a vineyard, don't wait any longer, surf the wine tourism wave!

Lucas Chartier


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