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Micro Wineries: The new trend in France!

Micro Wineries", meaning "small wine companies" in French, is a new phenomenon. Born in the 90's in the United States, the concept is simple: making wine in small premises in the city. With a rapid growth in North America, this project has however left the wine world sceptical. It was without counting on its international development that this project began to make headlines. So, are Urban wineries a fad or a real trend? Inquiry.

How did these wineries conquer the world?

It was in 2008 in New York City's Brooklyn district that things accelerated. The first micro winery opens in a city with global reach. Its name? The "RedHook Winery", created by Mark Snyder and two of his friends. The project, which had a hard time getting off the ground, ended up making a lot of noise. The American trend is spreading around the world and is becoming more and more serious. The step is taken in Asia first, with the opening in 2010 of a Micro Winery, this time in Hong Kong. Many supporters are beginning to mature the project in their cities and openings are multiplying. It is officially crossed in Russia in 2010 with the opening of a micro winery on the Black Sea coast by a wine enthusiast, Alexey Tolstoy!

In France, the first step will be taken in Marseille. The opening of "Microcosmos" at the beginning of 2012 marksthe start of this new trend. It is then in London where in 2013 the London Cru, the most famous micro winery in Europe, was born. The phenomenon is therefore becoming more and more serious. For Paris, however, it will be 2015 before two urban wineries open their doors: The "WinerieParisienne" and "Les VigneronsParisiens".

How is wine made in the city?

These organizations can of course own their own vineyards and decide to put forward the manufacturing process in different wineries than those of their properties. Otherwise, they buy grapes from the wineries and bring them to the wine cellars in town under optimal conditions to preserve the quality of the fruit. Then, all the steps up to bottling are done in these Micro Wineries.

Why do Micro Wineries wake up the cities?

Today the trend is towards attachment and local products. More and more the countryside is inviting itself into our cities and wine is no exception! These "Urban Wineries" offer us the opportunity to reconnect with the world of wine, to see the work done, to understand it and to be in contact with the people who produce it. And all this just a stone's throw away from us, it's a revolution! The way of life in big cities cannot be compared to that of a winegrower. And yet! Getting out of the house and seeing grapes in the middle of winemaking is not common, but it is now possible.

Beyond producing quality wines, these micro wineries are located where people consume wine. They therefore have a legitimate place and a real role to play, both in today's wine world and in tomorrow's world. Whether in New York, London, or 50 years after the closure of Bercy in Paris, Micro Wineries no longer seem to be just a passing trend, but real companies that are seizing a market full of opportunities.

To conclude, one watchword: go for it!

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