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Château Romanin: A story that links the Earth, the Sun and the Moon

When Anne Marie and Jean Louis Charmolüe acquired the Château Romanin in 2006, they aspired to two things : the first is to write the History of this mythical place, the second is to go beyond the standards and produce atypical wines, in their own image.

The Château Romanin : an exceptional place

Château Romanin is the fruit of an extraordinary history! It was a place of worship of the Gauls, a court of love, a seat of poetry and even a sugar manufacturer! It has always been a source of inspiration for the great French names who have stayed there, such as Claudius Pastumus Dardanus, descendant of the Magus King Balthazar, Raymond de Gantelme, Queen Marie de Blois and Jean Moulin.

Today, it is Anne Marie and Jean Louis Charmolüe who hold the reins of the estate and who are none other than the former owners of Château Montrose, second classified growth of Saint-Estèphe. When they investigated the estate in 2006, everything remained to be done. They carefully select the most expressive grape varieties on this magnificent terroir of reds and plant white varieties such as Rolle, Roussane, Grenache blanc and Clairette. They are also restoring the estate's winery, which is one of the first "Architectural Winery" in France. Its originality lies in the fact that it is buried in the rock and built according to the stars and criteria of the ancestors who built the Château.

Our "coup de cœur" vintages from the estate:

Grand Vin Rouge 2014

Great White Wine 2018

Grand Vin Rosé 2018

Non-standardised wines

Favouring the relationship between the Universe and terrestrial magnetism, they are clearly part of a Biodynamic logic using agronomy techniques. This mode of sustainable viticulture leads them to use no chemicals or weed killers but rather manure and preparations based on plants and minerals disseminated according to the rhythm of the Earth and the Cosmos.

Characterized by the guides of "monumental wine producers" when they worked in Saint-Estèphe, Jean-Louis and Anne-Marie wanted for Romanin a precise and innovative vinification and refused diktats and standardization of tastes. They allow each vintage to express itself fully with the greatest respect for the grape. Harvesting is done by hand and the bunches are carefully sorted by plot to go directly to the cold room.

Inspired by the ageing of the great wines of Pomerol, the result is wines with an airy character, with a warm, mineral, full and delicate structure.

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