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From the metro to Valmer Castle

One evening, as he was letting his crowded 3rd RER train pass by, Jean de Saint-Venant had the idea: no more RER, no more work, no more sleep, he had to study oenology to take over the Château de Valmer. Before reaching the vineyards of his native Touraine, it was in a tower at La Défense in Paris that he started working... Anxiety for an outdoor lover like him! He tells us about his change of life in a nice interview.

From Paris to the vineyards of Château de Valmer

It's not even an issue anymore. The years I spent in Paris certainly brought me a lot, but you have to know how to listen to yourself and have the courage to live your life. Mine was no longer in Paris, like an animal that would not be in an adapted biotope.

A passion for wine: a family story at Jean de Saint-Venant

It's a family passion that has been passed on for 6 generations, even if I had the chance to bathe in this environment when I was very young, it's not easy for me to do so.is really only as a teenager that I became aware that my life would be dedicated to the cultivation of the vine and the vinification of grapes. I had to wait 10 years to realize this.

Why "The Clusters"?

During a trade show, I met Loïc Tanguy with whom I started to discuss about wines and then during the conversation he explained to me the project he was maturing. Faced with the standardization of wine selling sites I saw in the concept Les Grappes a simple and modern way to be able to share my wines and my ideas with as many people as possible with the major point being the ability to communicate directly with people who love my wines and are interested in the wine world.

Our favourite vintages of the estate:

Dry Vouvray 2017

Gross Traditional Method 2015

Vouvray demi-sec 2014

Valmer bottle in the gardens of the Chateau

The history of Château de Valmer in a few words?

According to tradition, Valmer would have belonged first to King Charles VII, then on May 23, 1640 Sieur Thomas Bonneau, King Louis XIII's advisor, bought Valmer. It is to him that are due to him the constructions as we see them today: common, terraces, pavilion of the Petit Valmer, park.

In September 1888, Mr. and Mrs. Lefèvre bought Valmer. Their descendants, the Count and Countess de Saint Venant, still live here.

The vines of Château de Valmer

Valmer Castle in 10 years

In 10 years, I will be in my vines, in love with my terroir and my beautiful Touraine. The years will certainly have had a certain hold on me, I hope I will be like the good wine: improved.

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Loïc Tanguy (Les Grappes)

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