5 new trends in wine consumption in restaurants

The consumption of wine has been steadily decreasing in recent years, especially in restaurants. This is an opportunity for us to take a look at the new trends that are emerging and to understand the new challenges of wine service in restaurants.

Wine consumption in restaurants: the results

Half of French people consider restaurants as their favorite place to drink wine. And many of them drink wine when they go there! Despite this, there has been a decline in wine consumption, particularly in restaurants. This can be explained by several factors:

First of all, wine is not systematically offered to the consumer, unlike water, even in bottles. In the same idea, we see less and less formulas of the type"dish + wine" proposed, which could be attractive and promote the wines.

Also, the main packaging, a 75cL bottle, is outdated by current practices (which tend more towards wine by the glass) and becomes unable to satisfy the consumer. The bottle of wine is rarely ordered by a single consumer.

Finally, the price of wine remains high in restaurants, notably because of the coefficients applied by restaurant owners. The quality/price ratio is not always respected, but also the price of wine is not in harmony with the price of the dishes. If you want to know more, we have written a article on the correct prices to set on the wine list.

Nevertheless, new consumption practices are emerging, so they should be seen as opportunities for you, restaurant owners, to bounce back and (re)enhance wine consumption in your restaurant.

Wine consumption by the glass

If the 75cL format tends to put off customers, drinking wine by the glass appears to be the solution! Consumption is more controlled, reduced, and you have the impression that you are drinking less. It is therefore a lesser risk-taking, which allows to drink moderately. This practice also allows to taste several wines, without having to drink a whole bottle. Moreover, the price can be attractive for the consumer.
This practice has become so widespread that a recent study showed that two thirds of customers in cafés, restaurants and hotels preferred wine by the glass rather than by the bottle. This phenomenon is more pronounced among the younger generations, 77% of whom prefer wine by the glass, while 32% of those over 50 years of age prefer the bottle.

The "local consumption

It is also worth noting the trend towards local consumption in restaurants. Regional wines, from local areas, are very popular. We find the same phenomenon as for other agricultural products: like food for restaurant owners, the wine must come from the region, testifying to its richness and local characteristics.
This trend is very present in the wine regions: it is a question of promoting one's region, and for consumers, it is an invitation to celebrate and (re)discover the region.

Discovery and novelty

Alongside "consuming local", it is also original wines that are prized! Indeed, they arouse interest and curiosity because they come from small terroirs and are from unknown appellations. Their discovery is facilitated by the practice of selling wine by the glass.
This is an opportunity for restaurateurs to play the card of originality, while offering new wines, which will interest and delight customers. Perfect for the curious!

Wine as an aperitif

The fashion for afterwork and aperitifs makes it possible to serve wine at the beginning of the evening. These small orders can be multiplied by offering wine by the glass. The idea is to offer an aperitif in the restaurant with a board and a glass of wine, just like at home, but with a more "gastro" touch.
This trend then allows to multiply sales, and to celebrate wine as an aperitif drink.

Consumption and colors

In terms of wine colors, consumption is more inclined towardswhite and rosé wines, which are more suitable for aperitifs. Red wine, on the other hand, is still very popular!

By the way, despite the "Bordeaux bashing", this vineyard remains the favorite for not less than half of the French, as well as the Burgundyand the Champagne ! Closely followed by the wines of Rhône, Alsace and Languedoc.

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