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Discovering AOC Chénas

After Saint-Amour and Fleurie, do you know the AOC Chénas? It is one of the 10 Beaujolais Crus! Produced between the departments of Rhône and Saône-et-Loire, this red wine is a wine that is not to be found on every table. For good reason, the AOC Chénas is the smallest appellation in the Beaujolais in terms of surface area. With which dishes can this Beaujolais cru be served? Laetitia Allemand takes us with her to discover this small village and its beautiful wines.

The village of Chénas

Here we are next to Chénas, a small village of 500 inhabitants which has given its name to one of the 12 AOCs of the Beaujolais. It takes its name from the ancient oak plantations that grew here in Roman times. So now you see, the oaks of antiquity have given way to vines and this since 1316, thanks to a royal edict. Later, Chénas even had the privilege of being Louis XIII's favourite wine.

The vineyard of the AOC Chénas, wine of the Beaujolais region

The Chénas vineyard is very long. It dominates the area of the Moulin-à-Vent, its famous neighbour. It spreads out on gentle slopes to the west and gradually benefits from flatter and flatter land to the east, going towards the Saône. It is the smallest appellation in the Beaujolais region in terms of surface area. It is therefore a wine that is becoming rare on the tables!

Tasting advice of AOC Chénas

The wine of Chénas is characterized by its generosity. It is tender in the mouth, structured and goes perfectly with a good blanquette of veal or poultry. It also supports very well strong cheeses. Personally, I like it on a beef tartare. And why not with a chili con carne?

Laetitia (The Clusters)

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