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Wine & romantic walk in the vineyards

If for you, wine rhymes with love and romance, a moment of intimacy and an awakening sense, Les Grappes and Vinizos offer two original activities in the vineyards that will meet your expectations! In the Haut-Var first, at Château Fontainebleau, where a carriage ride will show you the vines in a different light, then at Château Reignac where you will discover the extraordinary Jardin des Senteurs. Let's go for a bit of romance in the vineyards!

Lovers of romance: Cavalcade through the vines at Château Fontainebleau

Do you want to go further in the romanticism than sharing a bottle of wine from the Clos des Vins d'Amour? And why not take your Jules or Juliette to discover the vineyards in a different way? In Provence, the Château Fontainebleau offers a gentle ride in nature: horses, a horse-drawn carriage and an exceptional territory, between vineyards and waterfalls, forests and rivers... Impossible to be disappointed by the trip: The Château Fontainebleau is located in a breathtaking natural setting: lush nature, ideal climate dances the Haut-Var. Its vines produce red, white and rosé wine that will delight your taste buds. The 45-minute ride in a Plasterrière carriage is the best way to enjoy it all!

Romantic and Aromatic Excursion: The Garden of Scents of Château Reignac

In Bordeaux, a different sensory experience awaits you: the "Jardin des Senteurs" at Château Reignac will give you another way to see the vine and the wine. You will be able to learn more about the estate thanks to an inside and outside visit, and an explanation of the winemaking process followed, but the specificity of this estate is the "Jardin des Senteurs" hidden between a four hundred year old dovecote and a greenhouse. A pleasure for the nose, a challenge to the memory: they know how to choose the plants and aromas that intoxicate at Château Reignac! The wine-making aspect of the visit is ingrained since Château Reignac is recognised as one of the greatest!Outclassed by the Premiers Crus Classés in rankings and praised by the press, this wine of the Bordeaux terroir, between Bordeaux and Saint-Emilion, is as much worth the detour as its extraordinary "Jardin des Senteurs".

We hope your Jules or Juliette will enjoy these activities as much as we do! The vineyard is definitely a real playground, and as soon as the weather is nice, nature reveals all its finery to us.

Delphine & Shamini (Les Grappes)

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