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Wine 15 metres underwater in Saint-Jean-de-Luz

Prepare your masks and snorkels, we are going to meet Emmanuel Poirmeur, the (sub)-marine winemaker of the EgiaTegia estate! In Saint Jean de Luz, discover what is hidden at the bottom of the bay...

Emmanuel Poirmeur's crazy dream: Vines in the Basque Country

After a world tour of vineyards (Italy, Central and South America...), Emmanuel made the crazy bet in 2007 to plant his vines on the cornice of Urrugne, not far from Hendaye.

In 2009 the project becomes reality. Emmanuel breaks codes, shakes up traditions. In the Basque Country, he makes the bet to cultivate the vine to protect the coastal environment and even... use the sea in a different way.

Emmanuel Poirmeur invents underwater winemaking

In order to obtain a slightly sparkling wine with a unique lemony aroma, Emmanuel did not hesitate to plunge his vats 15 m under water for several months in the quietest part of the bay.What motivated him ? The fermentation of the wines under water takes place in optimal conditions: temperature stability (between 11 and 13 degrees), pressure and agitation, a unique patented process!

Portrait of Emmanuel Poirmeur, the atypical winegrower of Domaine EgiaTegia

If you had to embody a wine? a Côte-Rôtie for the marriage between red and white grape varieties, or a Cabardès for the blend between Bordeaux and Languedoc grape varieties. In clear a red wine at the same time robust and delicate which if they did not already exist little would dare to venture there.

If you had to define your temperament in one or two words? Skeptical and absurd, in a pataphysician word...

An anecdote to share with us... A spontaneous 100 metres made on... barrels with one of my mentors in a mythical cellar!

A meeting that made an impression on you? The thermodynamics...

What doesn't you like about the world of wine? All the certainties, especially those conveyed with and in spite of great scientific misunderstandings. Those who, in order to sell their wines, use as arguments the opprobrium of the work of others.

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