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Domaine du Closel

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A domain run by a lineage of winegrowers

Evelyne de Pontbriand's vines are located on slopes perpendicular to the Loire, which benefit from a remarkable southwest exposure. The nature of the soil is complex and perfectly suited to....

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Domaine du Closel : Book Visits and Wine Tastings at the Vineyard


Natural Hours - Runaway

Free walk in the landscaped park of Château des Vaults, and in the vineyard adjoining the property, with the help of an explanatory leaflet, followed by a commented tasting of 3 wines.
1h  |  up to 8 | 6€00 / Adults


Conference walk in the park and the vineyard, accompanied by a guide who will introduce you to the history of the Savennières landscape, the Chenin Blanc, our very natural approach to vine growing, the terro...
2h  |  from 2 to 10 | 29€00 / Adults

Les Heures Exquises - Exquisite Agreements

Conference walk followed by a tasting with delicious cheeses. You will discover the "moving" landscape of the Château des Vaults, the natural agriculture, the secret links between the earth, the sun, the in...
2h  |  from 2 to 10 | 35€00 / Adults

Harvest adventure

01:00 pm - Lunch Start your adventure with a brunch in the dining room of Chateau des Vaults. 02:00 pm - Harvest Evelyne de Pontbriand, winemaker, will take you into the vineyards where you start pickin...
6h  |  from 2 to 30 | 69€00 / Adults
Domaine du Closel
Château des Vaults - 1 Place du Mail
49170, Savennières
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