Discover in video the more than perfect harmony between wine and chocolate with Laetitia Allemand

The region of production of the Crozes-Hermitage, Hermitage and Saint-Joseph appellations wines is also that of the famous Valrhona chocolate, well known to the great French chefs and pastry chefs.

And to say the least, wine and chocolate have a lot in common.

Both have aromas that vary according to the terroirs and their manufacturing secrets.

To really treat oneself, they must be tasted. Powerful, robust, expressive...the terms are the same to qualify them.

Some wines have chocolate or cocoa notes and conversely, chocolate, whether filled or not, can bring fruity notes. This makes it easier to get along!

So let's not have any complexes, on the contrary, to serve a red wine with chocolate. As a dessert of course, but also as a savoury dish, why not.

In the region, it is easy to find a workshop to learn about this delicate pairing. It's a good thing because the wines from here go wonderfully well with chocolate.

Discover also the winegrowers of the Rhone Valley.

Easily order the right bottles directly from the harvesting winegrowers!

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