What to drink with foie gras?

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A sweet wine is ideal but a dry white wine can also be suitable in certain cases:

The ideal appellations to marry wine and foie gras

For sweet wines, Jurançon andMonbazillacin the South-Westwill be adapted. The Gewurztraminer ofAlsaceis also perfect, or theSauternesin the region ofBordeaux. If you choose a dry white wine with your foie gras, the appellations ofLoirelike Vouvray, Savennières and Saumur are ideal. Old white wines from Graves in Bordeaux or Côtes-de-Provence inProvenceare also suitable. If you want to surprise, choose the red wine option with your foie gras, old vintages will be your best allies, in theMedocand the Haut-Médoc inBordeaux, Chinon and Saumurin the Loire.

Sweet wine and foie gras: a not so obvious association

The association between foie gras and its wine depends mainly on when it will be served at the table. Sweet wine with foie gras is a popular association, but it risks annihilating the flavors of other wines served after the foie gras as an appetizer, which will be too light after the sweet wine.

Let's go against the majority: let's serve the foie gras and its wine between the main course and the dessert! This delicious dish goes perfectly with a sweet wine that accompanies its sweetness. However, be careful not to serve foie gras with a wine that is too heady, as it would sweeten the tongue too much to taste the subtle flavors of this Christmas dish.

White or red wine and foie gras: as many choices of bottles as recipes

If you prefer to keep the foie gras as a starter in the meal and change the wine with which your foie gras will be served, we recommend dry white wines with a good density, without compromising the freshness. For this, a white wine that has waited a few years will be more appropriate.

Red wine can also be appropriate with foie gras, especially with pan-fried foie gras! It should not be too harsh, with light tannins and spicy aromas.

Wine and foie gras: a thorny issue

"What to drink with foie gras?", this question comes up every Christmas around many tables, and it is difficult, the choice of wine to serve with foie gras being multiple. The foie gras, fromAlsaceor ofSouthwestduck or goose, calls for being accompanied by wine. It is a luxury dish, with a sweet taste and its melting texture, it pleases all generations and participates in the reputation of French gastronomy abroad... just like wine! But how can we associate wine and foie gras, such a delicate product?

Our food and wine pairings:

To help you, here are our experts' favorite vintages that go perfectly with foie gras. Be careful, these are little nuggets!

Château La Hourcade, classic vintage, 2018 : This cuvée won a silver medal at the Bordeaux competition and is extraordinary. It is the wine that goes perfectly with foie gras. The color is a deep and limpid garnet. The nose reveals notes of red fruits and vanilla. In the mouth, the attack is frank with silky tannins and a persistent finish. At the end, we detect pleasant notes of roasted coffee, it is sublime.

Château Le Terme, Monbazillac prestige, 2009: Sémillon and Muscadelle make up this wine. With a round attack, this wine has a beautiful round and harmonious mouth. With its honeyed notes, the cuvée goes very well with foie gras.

Château Gadet-Terrefort, Gadet Terrefort La croix Gadet le Mystère d'Anaïs, 2019: Aged in oak barrels for a year, this wine is delicate and fruity. You can find notes of arabica, raspberry and black currant. Full of character, it should be cellared for some time to enjoy what it has to offer.

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