What to drink when you're on a diet?

Should we give up having drinks and parties with friends when we are on a diet? No! Here's how to reconcile conviviality and calorie counting (because let's face it, there's bound to be a few)!

Even if we always say to ourselves "Nobody is perfect", and even if we try not to be overwhelmed by all those photos of photoshopped beauties, many of us tend to be on a diet all the time.But that's no reason to stop having drinks with your friends! By being a little careful and by consuming moderately, everything is possible!

81 calories for 100ml of Champagne

With only 81 calories per 100 ml (a full flute contains 125 ml),ChampagneShamini is the lowest calorie wine and that's fine by us! No more frustrations and your diet will thank you! However, be careful not to overindulge in all the cookies and toast that often accompany it, so as not to add too many calories to the bill!

84 calories for 100ml of dry white wine

This is often the wine that consumers refer to when they talk about white wine... It is a wine without sugar, very delicate to elaborate and contains 84 calories per 100ml. Perfect for your diet!

In concrete terms,a dry white wineis generally very fragrant and lively in the mouth. There are some very good dry white wines, notably Muscadet, which will go very well with oysters and seafood platters - and there bingo because for lightness and slimness, we have the perfect marriage! Your diet will thank you!

87 calories for 100ml of rosé wine

With 87 calories per 100 ml,rosé wine With its beautiful color that makes us think of summer and vacations all year round, a small glass of rosé wine on a terrace (even heated) for an aperitif is also a good idea!

What about red wine for my diet?

Oh, red wine is not far from its white and rosé competitors... with 89.5 calories per glass...

Our advice: choose the wine you prefer, the one you want... because frustration is never good in a diet; but reserve this deviation for some time during the week. And if possible, drink your glass of wine at noon for a better assimilation by the body!

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