What to drink with a Tournedos?

A great classic of the main courses, tournedos is a "must" of red meat. A meat that can perhaps be drunk with more than 100 different wines (appellations). So as usual, no fuss, Les Grappes offers you its selection...

The best thing about a good tournedos is that you don't need a knife, it can be cut with a fork because it's so tender. The piece of meat chosen is the fillet of beef! Decorated with a little pepper sauce and a few shallots (for the purists). A classic of red meat served with baked or pan-fried potatoes, it's a treat every time.

But it always comes back to the same thing: many red wines are suitable for red meat and especially for tournedos, the classic of classics!

What wine with beef tournedos?

Classic wines for a classic dish:

  • A Chinon de Loire
  • One Saumur-Champigny de Loire
  • A Givry de Bourgogne
  • An Aloxe-Corton from Burgundy
  • A Côtes-de-Provence grand cru classé: to get away from the "classics", let yourself be tempted by a grand cru classé from Provence.
  • A Santenay from Burgundy
  • A Marsannay from Burgundy.
  • A Monthélie de Bourgogne
  • A Pommard de Bourgogne: a classic Burgundy for a tournedos that will be called "normal" or a tournedos à la plancha.
  • A Saint-Emilion de Bordeaux
  • A Saint-Julien from Bordeaux
  • A Saint-Estèphe of Bordeaux
  • A Châteauneuf-du-pape des Côtes-du-Rhône: a classic Côtes-du-Rhône for a tournedos with pepper sauce for example.
  • A Night-Saint-Georges de Bourgogne

Which wine with a tournedos Rossini?

  • A Haut-Médoc of Bordeaux
  • A Saint-Julien from Bordeaux.
  • A Pauillac from Bordeaux

So, what wine with beef tournedos for you?

Alexis Proust for Les Grappes

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