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Chateau des Moriers

On a granite floor, a magnificent view of the Windmill.

It is at Château de Moriers that Gilles developed a new way of ageing "Moulin à vent" wines that gives them a unique appearance and taste. This appellation is known as the oldest....

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(69) Rhône

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Beaujolais , Moulin-à-Vent

2013, Rouge

The word of the Winemaker:

He's the boss's favorite, my father pampers him and makes only 1,000 bottles. It is aged in barrels of one to three wines in our cellar under the house. A little larger (400L) than the....

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Beaujolais , Fleurie

2014, Rouge

The word of the Winemaker:

We created this micro-cuvée for the 2014 vintage, following a discussion about the potential of our hillside plots, which can be seen behind the house. "La Brirette" is the...

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