Food and wine pairing for all

One would argue that there are rules to follow when it comes to food and wine pairings, while others will talk about individual tastes. Some even speak of a food and wine pairing guide. This is for the theory...

Which wine should I choose with my dish?

What interests us here is the practice, which is much more complex and which can be summed up by the first question you have already asked yourself hundreds of times: what wine to serve tonight?... The finest connoisseurs will ask themselves the following question: which wine to choose with the dish I have cooked?
It is a reflexive question for some people, for others a totally absurd question. Which wine to accompany my dish? A red wine, a white wine, a rosé wine, a champagne?

Food and wine pairing accessible to all

Have you ever wondered why the lexical field of food and wine are so close together: "it bursts in the mouth", "what a bouquet!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!", "what a wine!"...". all these aromas ", " all these aromas ", and what was the common point between a food lover and a wine lover : the pleasure of the pre-tasting... the pleasure of cooking, of choosing the ingredients,... and the pleasure of choosing the bottle, of opening it, of decanting it,...

Which wine to accompany my dish? How to choose between several red wines?

Between us, it is not difficult to match wines with a dish because the range of possibilities is very wide. Anyone who tells you that a dish can be drunk with one and the same wine is wrong. A dish can be drunk with many wines simply because not every consumer has the same taste. And this is what often makes the choice difficult. Why a Bordeaux more than a Côtes-du-Rhône with this dish?

Pair a wine with a dish according to your own tastes.

It is not about making you experts in food and wine pairing but about helping you tochoose your wine according to the dishand especially according to your preferences. You want to drink a red wine with fish, no problem! A red wine with foie gras, go for it! A white wine with meat, go crazy!

3 principles: accompany your dishes with wines you like, follow your intuition and be curious.

You will find the principles of food and wine pairing but also tips and tricks to choose your wine when you are in front of a wine bottle shelf as long as the shower gel shelf of your supermarket. Excellent cheap wines and cheap wines. Unusual and sometimes unsettling wine and food pairings. Forgotten dishes accompanied by prestigious wines and others less known but very good. Tips on the wine routes of France to buy wine andto constitute its wine cellar. This is called oenotourism. And some gift ideas related to wine and food.

Enjoy your visit.

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