What to drink with salmon?

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The wine to be drunk with salmon should be light, dry and not have smoky aromas if the salmon is smoked.

The characteristics of salmon to be studied when choosing a wine

This fish is on every table this winter, but with which wine should salmon be associated? Salmon is an oily fish, so remember this when choosing the bottle that will accompany your dish: it should not be served with a wine that is too fatty. However, it has subtle and fine aromas, which should not disappear under those of a too powerful wine. Beware, smoked salmon does not necessarily go better with a smoked wine, which will be too fragrant and will mask the taste of the salmon.

Which appellation to best accompany the salmon?

A Muscadet Sèvre-et-Maine, which is distinguished by its roundness and freshness, would be very suitable if you combine your salmon with oysters. If your dish is closer to salmon crispy, a Picpoul de Pinet is the right choice, a Pouilly-Fumé will always be a good example of wine and salmon pairing. The Pinot d'Alsace will be the perfect light and fresh touch on a salmon dish.

If you play with the flavours and associate this fish with another fatty meat such as foie gras, a red wine will match perfectly with salmon. It should not be too tannic but rather light, a Châteauneuf-du-Pape is perfectly suited. Finally a salmon with herbs can be served with a pinot noir, which has dense aromas, like those of Menetou-Salon. Indeed it remains light in the mouth and will accompany the salmon wonderfully.

Salmon: the super star of all time

Fish goes well with wine, it's a fact, and salmon is one of the stars of the plate, the darling of the French! It can be eaten in many ways, and everyone has their own little favourite, smoked or not, in papillotes... We salivate in advance! It is not new, we even found traces of salmon caught in prehistoric times... Impossible to know what the Neanderthal Man had chosen as wine to accompany it on the other hand...

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