What to drink with fondue?

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The fondue is fat, rich, salty and strong in taste. And a real happiness to be tasted and shared! The wine (white, exclusively) must be its complement: acid, refreshing, unctuous and powerful in alcohol.

The association of the cheese of the fondue and the wine

For once we won't tell you that you can have red wine with a dish that is traditionally served with white wine. Cheese being the almost unique ingredient of the dish, red wine is to be avoided.

There are several things to consider when thinking about which wine to serve with raclette. The combination of the three cheeses, inevitably, brings the fat character of the dish. It will thus be necessary to find a white wine with a certain acidity to associate it with the fondue. Moreover the cheeses are salty, it will be thus necessary to associate them with an unctuous wine. Finally the fondue is strong in taste, the white wine which will accompany it will thus have to be powerful to be able to coexist in mouth with the strong aromas of the cheeses. The richness of the fondue will also have to be balanced by a great freshness in the wine that accompanies it.

The ideal appellations for a successful marriage between wine and fondue

This Savoyard dish goes well with ... Savoy wines of course! Appellations such as Abymes, Apremont, Chapareillan or Roussette are unanimously acclaimed, and Loire wines such as Savennières or Cheverny are also a good choice. For lovers of strong enough wines, the Rhone Valley is a good choice: the whites of Crozes-Hermitage and Saint-Peray go well with the Savoyard fondue!

A fondue, like wine, you can share it!

Fondue is good, fondue is fun, fondue is friendly: so many reasons to give in to temptation! Beaufort, Emmental cheese, Tomme de Savoie, white wine and garlic, accompanied by dozens of small pieces of bread, and you are ready to enjoy one of the wonders of Savoy. This dish is so much appreciated that it has come out of its region of origin, fondue is eaten in all regions of France to warm up during the winter. You too have a pledge if you drop your piece of bread? In any case at Les Grappes we never floss in the fondue... And we won't bring a bottle of Bordeaux red wine to a fondue party! Marius had decidedly everything he needed in terms of this ideal dish for a pick-me-up after a day in the cold.

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