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What to drink with a blanquette?

If you are in a hurry

  • Burgundy whites, such as Saint-Romain, Rully or Pernand-Vergelesses
  • A white from Saint-Amour (Beaujolais)
  • A Burgundy red (
  • A Saumur-Champigny (Loire)

Which wine with the blanquette de veau: a thorny and divisive question

There are several opinions, some restrict the choice of wine with the blanquette de veau au vin blanc, because they believe that the wine should go well with the sauce (creamy one recalls it) and not with the meat. Cream would therefore automatically exclude red wine. Some theories are less severe, and as at Les Grappes there are red wine enthusiasts, we have decided to present you all the possibilities. Let's start with the white wine to accompany your blanquette: it should be the complement of the dish, allowing to balance the tastes.

The blanquette de veau, in spite of slow cooking, remains a rather fatty dish, the white wine should therefore bring a touch of acidity to counterbalance and enhance the smoothness of the sauce. The tastes of the blanquette de veau are subtle and fine, they should not be smothered with too powerful wines. Discreet grape varieties such as chardonnay, pinot gris and marsanne are preferred. The red wine, contrary to what some people will say, can be suitable for blanquette de veau. Of course, not all of them are suitable, and wines that are too tannic, too strong in alcohol, are not good companions for your veal, your sauce, your rice or even your small vegetables. Fortunately for us sweet and delicate wines exist in red! All those made with pinot noir for example are perfect to go with the veal thus worked. Their youth will be an additional asset.

Red wine, white wine and blanquette: the ideal appellations

Burgundy wines are suitable for white and red: Saint-Romain, Rully and Pernand-Vergelesses are good choices for white, for the red prefer Santenay or Marsannay. White Beaujolais wines such as Saint-Amour go very well with blanquette de veau. You can also get in your cellar some Loire wines like Sancerre and Saumur-Champigny in red.

The blanquette de veau, a French favourite

The blanquette succeeds in the trick of transforming unpopular pieces of veal to bring out their flavour, and without adding very luxurious ingredients, create a subtle harmony of fine aromas. It is one of the favourite dishes of the French, the consumption of this dish is very important, from the first signs of cold weather to late spring. At Les Grappes we like it so much that we even make it in the summer sometimes... And yet the French still wonder as much as drinking it with blanquette! The debate rages, white? red? white or red?

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