What to drink with scallops?

With their delicate flesh, scallops deserve to be served with the right food. And that's just as well, because they go wonderfully well with white wines. In a sauce, au gratin or simply snacked on, it's important to pay close attention to the recipe you've chosen to prepare your scallops to find the ideal bottle with which to pair them. Follow our guide to'food and wine perfect wine pairing!

What wine to serve with scallops?

In a nutshell, scallops require a dry white wine, just like any other seafood. It should be fresh, lively, mineral and fruity. Above all, your white wine needs to show great finesse and roundness. We therefore recommend :

  • A white from BurgundyChablis or Pouilly-Fuissé.
  • A white fromAlsacesuch as a dry Gewurztraminer
  • A white from the Loire Valleya white wine from Anjou or Sancerre.

How to combine taste with wine?

It's almost tempting to say that you shouldn't add anything to the taste of scallops, but that's not true: the addition of a wine offers a sumptuous match.

The texture of scallops is very similar to that of other types of seafood, but a little different. If well prepared, they are very soft, offering a unique pleasure. Here, as is often the case with seafood, you'll need a dry white winewith a fresh, mineral side that will withstand the iodine that can be slightly felt, and certain accompaniments such as spices or herbs. Wines with floral scents, hints ofcitrus fruit and a little acidity due to the minerality will go well with the tender flesh of the walnut.

Which appellations to choose?

Since we need to go for a dry, mineral and fruity white wine, we'll be opting for varieties like Chardonnay with a Chablis for a very simple poêlée de Saint-Jacques, or a Pouilly-Fuissé in Burgundy: the minerality of these wines goes very well with the texture and taste of the walnut.

You can also opt for wines made from Chenin , such as a blanc d'Anjou in the Loire region, which have acitrus taste that goes wonderfully with scallops.


Successful pairing is all a question of sauce and preparation. To know which wine to drink with a scallop, it's very important to take the recipe into account. It will directly influence the sensations experienced in the mouth.

Which wine to drink with raw scallops?

If you like your scallops raw or just seared, here are a few bottles that will bring out the flavors of your recipe.

You may prefer an Alsace wine. But which Alsace wine to choose for scallops? We recommend Riesling from Domaine de l'Envolwith its slightly lemony notes.

Which wine to choose with creamed scallops?

If you decide to cook your scallops with cream, we recommend a dry, fruity white wine with good intensity. Why not opt for a Burgundy cuvée?

The cuvée Chablis blanc from Vignoble Angst is a perfect match! An exceptional cuvée that brings together all the elements for a successful marriage with scallops: freshness, minerality and fruit.

Le Pouilly Fuissé from Château de Lavernette will also enhance the flavors of your dish. Produced from a sunny parcel, this wine is made from very ripe Chardonnay berries.

Which white wine goes best with scallops au gratin?

You've decided to make your scallops au gratin. Well, you're right, because not only is it very tasty, but it also goes well with a wide range of wines.

But since you have to choose, we recommend that you accompany your dish with a cuvée from Domaine Bruno Cormerais: Prestigea Muscadet Sèvre et Maine Sur Lie.

An original pairing

For those who want to break the mould with an original pairing, you can also serve a bottle of red wine with your scallops if they are topped with a sauce. We recommend a nice red wine from Burgundy or Bordeaux.

A festive dish

Scallops are a delicious delicacy, often much appreciated during the festive season. And what better way to celebrate than with a bottle of champagne for a festive meal! It's a perfect match for your scallops. We tend to forget that it's a perfect match!

Prefer it brut or non-dosed with fine bubbles, especially if your walnuts are just seared. Champagne goes well with all seafood and fish, and it's divinely good, so why deprive yourself?


Did you know that the scallop has eyes ? Yes, eyes, which work by reflection! But don't worry, this delicacy is as good as ever. The scallop is a mollusc that humans have been eating for a very long time. Already mentioned in the Bible and in Greek and Roman mythology, it is only found in the Mediterranean and the North Atlantic (yes, we're not all so lucky). It is mostly grown in ponds with pectiniculture, despite the very heavy fishing authorized from October to May. So it's found in Mediterranean and northern gastronomy, in all kinds of dishes and combinations, from scallop risotto to velouté to simply pan-fried nuts for our greatest pleasure. You'll never tire of them, and neither will we.

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