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What to drink with a duck confit?

The duck confit is a classic culinary dish of our French gastronomy. Very often served with Salad potatoes, the duck confit is undoubtedly one of the star dishes of the South-West. But what wine with a duck confit?

For it to be perfectly successful, the duck confit must be homemade of course. Great techniques exposed by culinary chefs will explain you how to salt and preserve the duck leg.

How to choose your wine for a duck confit?

For those who find it difficult to decide, choosing a wine for duck confit can be very complex.
A simple principle, the law of terroirs: a wine from the region of the dish you are preparing.
Why? Because a duck confit can be drunk with many red wines. With the duck confit, one will privilege rather powerful red wines. And when one has the choice in the wine, one refers to the law of terroirs: I associate a regional dish with a regional wine.

Duck confit is the regional dish of which regions? Périgord, Quercy, Languedoc, Gascony. Let's go and get wines from these regions!

Which wine with a duck confit?

  • A Gaillac from the South-West
  • Un Buzet du Sud-Ouest
  • A Gascony of the Southwest
  • Un Coteaux-du-Quercy du Sud-Ouest. We find a red grape variety typical of the region, the tannat. But it must be recognized rather difficult to find it, except at a specialized wine merchant.
  • A Bergerac from the South-West
  • A Côte-de-Duras of the South-West
  • A Cahors du Sud-Ouest
  • A Minervois of Languedoc
  • And many Bordeaux wines: Lussac-Saint-Emilion, Graves, Médoc, Haut-Médoc, Saint-Emilion.

So, what wine with duck confit for you? Rather powerful red wines or lighter red wines?

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