What to drink with a duck confit?

The duck confit is a culinary dish not to be missed in French gastronomy. Very often served with Sarlatan potatoes, it is one of the star dishes of the Southwest. But which wine to use with a duck confit?

How to choose a wine for a duck confit ?

For those who have trouble deciding, choosing a wine for duck confit can be very complex.

Why? Because a duck confit can be drunk with many red wines. With duck confit, we prefer rather powerful red wines. And when you have a choice in wine, you refer to the law of terroirs: I associate a regional dish with a regional wine.

Precisely, from which regions is the duck confit a regional dish? Let's look at Périgord, Quercy, Languedoc and Gascony!

Which wine should you choose for duck confit?

So, which wine with a duck confit for you? Rather powerful red wines or lighter ones?

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