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What to drink with fondue bourguignonne?

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As the fondue bourguignonne is a fat dish with its oil and sauces we will try to slice with this characteristic. The red meat calls for a red wine.

How to combine fondue bourguignonne and wine?

Fondue bourguignonne is still meat cooked in oil. No matter what happens, the dish is fat, with sauces and red meat. The advantage here must be in the cutting edge. We want a red wine of course since we use beef, but with a good acidity to slice with the fat anyway. It needs crispness, a wine so rather young and lively that will come with some tannins and its acidity will titillate our palate to balance the characteristics of the fondue bourguignonne.

Which appellations to choose?

So we are aiming for a red wine with a little acidic notes and fruit. So we can go to the Beaujolais with red wines that will be adapted. The Beaujolais-Villages appellation for example can present interesting wines. Burgundian? So why not red wines from Burgundy? You will find in appellations such as a Côte-de-Nuits-Villages an alliance that can work very well, or a Côte de Beaune in the same region!

The fondue bourguignonne, it comes from Burgundy.

FALSE. Fondue bourguignonne is a dish that comes from Switzerland! Indeed this dish takes its name only from the origin of the meat that the Swiss had mainly, beef from Burgundy. A good fondue bourguignonne with friends is a real pleasure! But how do we organize ourselves to make it? It's quite simple! We usually have fillet of beef, pear or rump steak. These pieces are quite melting normally it's perfect! With that, take vegetables, sauces and why not some spices to put either in oil or in sauces or even on the meat. A fondue bourguignonne (caquelon) and grape seed oil later, you are ready to start the festivities with friends or family!

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